The company

Available Countries

We recruit skilled and qualified manpower from the following countries: Philippines BangladeshIndia Uganda and theSudanEgypt Ethiopia Nigeria Pakistan Philippines

Employment available

We are always keen to select the most suitable human cadres capable of meeting all the tasks and vary cadres between the following disciplines:Our employment range varies from business to retail sector. Domestic private driver Home Nurse Cook

The Broker

We look forward to Alsadarh Elmasi Recruitment office to lead the best recruitment offices in the Kingdom, especially in the mediation sector, where the partnership with some of the best recruitment offices in a number of foreign countries

The individuals

 Alsadarh Elmasi Recruitment office Provides its services to the individual sector, through the provision of many nationalities trained and qualified and experienced and high efficiency Where we offer different professions such as: "Domestic Worker, Domestic Nurse, Private Driver, Nanny," according to ..

Who We Are

  Alsadarh Elmasi Recruitment office  One of the leading recruitment offices in Saudi Arabia, an experienced and specialized recruitment team, we provide the most efficient and finest recruitment services, we have been able to gain confidence in our clients through dealing with ..

Our Services

Recruitment of domestic workers. Bringing private drivers.Recruitment of workers from different professions.Recruitment of workers from different professions.The possibility of bringing nurses in all specialties.

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